Modern Piano & Percussion Instrumentations

Seth Kinzie – Piano || Andy Steele – Drums 1
Dan Galucki – Drums 2 || Ben Walden – Guitar


Atmospheric journeys through the lens of modern jazz…A frank success.

Engaging post-jazz compositions which will have jaws on the floor and tears in the eyes.

Utmost virtuosity with a piano and drum kit.



Photo Credit – Mike Sell

Kinzie Steele Quartet is a contemporary-impressionist collective from the Pacific Northwest. They craft instrumental compositions of beauty, freedom, & space using piano, guitar, and two percussionists on drumsets and gongs. Inspired by the surreal impressions of Claude Debussy and the textured voicings of psychedelic rock, their compositions sail freely through genres and virtuosic expressions to expand the piano genre outside of its traditional classical and jazz settings. Originally a piano/drums duo of Seth Kinzie (Plum Sutra) and Andy Steele (Catskills), Kinzie Steele’s debut record, “When I Was a Tree,” was released in 2018. When Siberian Russian Label Shum Derevyev Records re-released it on cassette in 2021, they declared, “Utmost Virtuosity with a grand piano and a drum kit… Meditations about the design and harmony of the Universe.” For the quartet, Seth and Andy have been joined by Dan Galucki (Wooden Indian Burial Ground) on drums and Ben Walden (Taco Tapes) on electric guitar. They debuted their collective with a live video at Wallowa Lake Lodge rearranging modern Polish pianist Hania Rani. Their sophomore album, recorded in Astoria, OR, will be released in 2024.




3/22 – BOISE – Treefort Music Fest
Shrine Social Hall (basement) – 4:20 PM

9/7 – JOSEPH – Wallowa Lake Lodge
Album Release – 6 PM


Shum Derevyev Records in Siberia

Music on cassettes for trees and people


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Photography by Mike Sell